Graphic Example Of Printing Process

Printing is a technique of transferring texts, pictures and other manuscripts to the surface of paper, textiles, plastics, leather, PVC and other materials through plate making, inking, pressure and other processes to replicate the content of manuscripts in batches. There are many kinds of printing materials and various back-end processes. The combination of different printing processes, printing materials and back-end processes can present completely different visual effects. Today, I will share with you 100 graphic examples of printing process, and let everyone appreciate the charm of printing.

01 Car thread binding, gold printing, text hot and matte gold

02 Rubber band binding, back cover cover single mounted gray board

03 Special embossed fabric

04 Hot silver

05Special-shaped mounted book, special-shaped book block

06 Ribbon decoration

07 Bump

08 UV printing

09 Dusting (coating with colorless UV varnish first, dusting before the varnish is cured)

10 Transparent UV varnish

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