What is a spiral notebook?


Spiral notebook , as the name implies, is a notebook that uses spiral to fix paper. It is a commonly used stationery for all of us. The cover of the spiral notebook  has a variety of textures, including plastic, fabric, soft and hard paper, etc. The inner pages are mainly writing paper. spiral notebook s can be divided into PP spiral notebook s, cloth spiral notebook, leather spiral notebook s and soft and hard paper spiral notebook. So do you know how to make your own spiral notebook ? First, prepare tools and materials such as a binding machine, A4 colored paper (thickness 120g), A4 binding rubber ring, A4 binding clip, A4 binding film, clips, printed notebook inner pages, etc. The next step is to put the binding film into the binding The left hand is fixed, the right hand holds the handle and presses down, release the handle after hearing the obvious punching sound, take out the film, and then install the spiral into the notebook hole.

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What is a spiral notebook?

According to the text, it is to connect the inner cores together with wires or iron rings, so it is called a spiral notebook . Yes, at the same time as the invention of papermaking, there appeared a book that was connected by ropes, which was the predecessor of the spiral notebook . With the development of science and technology, the original rope is gradually replaced by wire or iron loop to form the existing spiral notebook .

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Type of spiral notebook

spiral notebook s are generally classified into metal spiral notebook s and plastic spiral notebook s. According to the cover material, it can be divided into: PP spiral notebook , cloth spiral notebook , leather spiral notebook  and soft and hard paper spiral notebook .

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Features of the spiral notebook

1. It can be written flatly at 180° and flipped to the back at 360°.

2, The price is cheap.

3. The inner page can be torn. Many spiral will have a tear-off thread.

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The purpose of the spiral notebook

1. As a spiral notebook , the original purpose is of course to record related events, and it is also used as a workbook. Just because when he placed the writing, there would be no unevenness that would affect the writing.

2. It is precisely because of its first use that it is also widely used in companies and enterprises, so advertising also appears on the spiral notebook . spiral notebook s are also used as advertising gifts.

3. The spiral notebook  is suitable for a large number of gifts to increase the advertising effect. Therefore, at the exhibition, many companies printed their own LOGO on their spiral notebook  to achieve the effect of advertising and further improve the corporate image.

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