What is book printing
What is book printing

Book printing is divided into seven processes, as follows:
1. Section One Plate Making
Plate making is to make printing plates and masters.
2. Section 2 Imposition
Imposition is to put the original manuscript into a complete layout according to certain format and requirements.
3. Section Three Folding
Folding the printed sheets according to the number of openings is called folding. Folding is the simplest process in the printing process. The folded page is called "folding", and the mark on the folding is called "folding".
4. Section 4 Printing
Printing is to make printed matter according to text or picture originals.
5. Section 5 Proofreading
Proofreading is an important part of the book publishing process. Its requirements are to check the proofs according to the original or final version, eliminate the improperities and errors in the layout, and correct the problems in the layout technology and the implementation of the layout in accordance with the publishing specifications and requirements. Standardization to ensure the quality of publications.
6. Section 6 Binding
According to the way of stapling, it can be divided into saddle stitching, stitch stitching, flat stitching, perfect binding, etc. Nowadays, thicker books are usually stitched glue binding. There are two types of bookcases, namely monolithic bookcases and mixed bookcases. .Paperback books are also made of plastic film. Hardcover books are also made of cover bronzing.
7. Section VII Paper Materials
Paper materials are the physical forms of books. Printing paper is divided into cover paper, currency paper, packaging paper, newsprint, book paper, etc. according to its purpose;

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