What is the planner? Brief introduction to the planner
What is the planner? Brief introduction to the planner

What is a planner? The planner is a more direct and effective carrier of recording daily plans, behavior management, time management, and a kind of stationery, also called hand account. The daily planner is a small book with a schedule as the main part. The calendar is arranged in order of year, month and day. In the space of each date, you can record the schedule of the day, etc.

Some planners leave space for a note on each page. A planner can include a yearly, monthly, or weekly schedule, daily record, work or study notes (the project, meeting, assignment, etc. every day), life records (such as income and expenses, abstracts, ideas, etc.).

There is an interesting phenomenon in Japan that no matter men and women, old and young, they all carry a called "hand account" notebook, anytime and anywhere take out to record something. If you would like to make an appointment with him or her, a person must take a look at his or her planner first. It is unbelievable that in Japan, where communication technology is so advanced, people still rely on the original recording method.

If it is not seen personally, the foreigners are hard to believe the importance of planner to the Japanese. The planner is not a single memo. Apart from reminding yourself of the birthday and dating of relatives, friends, and customers, the more important is to arrange your daily work, life, and diary function. Most planners are exquisitely produced, with a pen and calendar, and can clamp name cards and papers. The different page division has a powerful finishing function to satisfy different types of requirements. For instance, the exclusive life planner for the hostess will contain housekeeping expenditure and other contents. All in all, Japanese planners are capable of almost everything. No wonder such a small notebook makes the merchant spend a lot of thought. Especially in recent years, the tendency of planners has constantly increased. Except appearing in the topic of magazines, it becomes the hand account philosophy under the writers' pen, even the sentence that the use way of planner determines your life. Whether it is exaggerating?

At the end of the year of Japan, the planners are on hot sale. Each grocery, bookstore, supermarket, convenience store, etc., set the exclusive counter for colorful planners, which makes you dazzling with choice. Many international famous brands like BURBERRY, GUCCI, PRADA, etc., prefer this market and promote their planners. There are different sizes, brands, prices, designs, number of pages for you to choose from, and must be a category is your favorite. If someone likes a distinctive one, they can make their personal planner. Without a planner, how does the new year start?

Are the Japanese forgetful? It might be said that they tend to follow procedures, and everything is well-planned beforehand and repeatedly confirmed, even among family members. This may be a performance for the islander characteristics of the Japanese. In a geographic position where will occur earthquake and typhoons at any time, only do they take precautions, they can safely sleep at night.

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