The process of making and printing FSC notebook


FSC product notebooks mainly refer to notebooks for business sales and gift purposes. It is based on different bindings, inner page designs, and names are also different, such as Planner, Journal and so on. So what is the printing process of notebook production?


When making and printing FSC notebooks, you must first provide the FSC headquarters with relevant information (such as the category of the FSC application, the size of the fsc logo, and the company's relevant information, etc.), and then the production can be produced according to the process after the FSC headquarters has reviewed and approved it.

Pre-printing process: there are usually processes such as photography, design, production, typesetting, and film production;

Then there is the printing: the printing machine is used to print the finished product. Film, that is, film, cannot be directly used for printing. The PS version of the swatch used for printing is a special metal version made of aluminum for printing. The PS version has one side covered with a drug film. The role of the film is to fix the PS version of the film during exposure.


The operation steps are: first cover the film on the side of the PS plate with the drug film, and expose it under the purple light. Where the film is transparent, the PS version will be completely irradiated by the purple light, and the drug film will be completely decomposed. There are images on the film. Because the text will not be transparent or completely transparent, the medicine film on the color plate will not be decomposed or not completely decomposed, and then the decomposed medicine film will be washed off. The content will be completely transferred to the PS version.

When printing, the area with the drug film on the PS plate will absorb ink. According to the density of the drug film, the amount of ink absorbed is different, so that there is a difference in color depth. The printing paper is colored by the four color plates of m.y.k.c in the printing machine, and finally different colors are printed.

Then there is the post-press: usually refers to the post-press processing of printed matter, including cutting, surface treatment, die-cutting, binding, mounting and other processes, generally used for publicity and packaging of printed matter.

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